Twitter Praises Sarge, The German Shepherd Who Rescues Injured & Orphaned Animals

Animals are the kindest and most compassionate creatures on our planet. From a male baboon grooming a lion cub, the animal kingdom always looks out for each other.

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Recently, we came across a beautiful example of the special bond that animals share. Meet Sarge, a German shepherd, who helps rescue orphaned wild animals. The brave canine helps save injured and orphaned animals in Ohio, reports Hindustan Times.

Have a look at the adorable pictures shared by twitter user @dog_rates:

The heartwarming images highlight Sarge’s selfless attachment with the baby deers he rescued. The pictures that are enough to melt one’s heart were admired by many people online.

Many people said that Sarge is a real hero:

Few people expressed their desire to use the furry animal as a pillow just like the fawn:

Others also suggested that this could be a great Disney movie:

Aww, these adorable images of such a pure and true friendship surely made our day. How about you? Let us know in the comments below.