Two Brave Sikh Men Remove Their Turbans To Save Eight Lives From Drowning!

A turban is a few meters of a piece of cloth. But, for a Sikh, it is a crown.

These two Sikh men from Sangrur set aside religious code of conduct and took off their turban to save the lives of eight drowning youths who had gone to a canal for the immersion of the idol of lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

The heroic act of Inderpal Singh, 34, and Kamalpreet Singh, 25, using their turbans to save the lives of eight drowning youths at Sullar Gharaat village in the district went viral on social media on Tuesday after a video of the two surfaced. However, the incident occurred on Friday evening. The religious code of conduct doesn’t allow Sikhs to take off their turbans.
Inderpal and Kamalpreet were part of a group of devotees who had thronged Sullar Gharat village to immerse Ganesha idols in a canal. “First, five youths slipped into the canal while immersing the idols. They had fallen very near to the canal bridge and shouted for help. I immediately spotted a wire lying near the bridge and rescued two of them with the help of the wire. However, three others were still caught in a current,” said Inderpal.

“Then, three persons jumped into the canal to rescue the trapped trio. However, they, too, were caught in a whirlpool. Then I threw my nine-metre-long turban into the canal and pulled out three youths,” he added.
The footage of the rescue act appeared on social media after which the two were highly appreciated for what they had done. The rescued youths were identified as Inderpal Singh, Jiwan Singh, Kamalprit Singh and Inder Tiwari. Inderpal, one of the youth saved, said their saviour had first tried to pull them out with the help of a wire that was lying on embankment of the canal but it broke. He then used his turban.

Inderpal Singh’s life-saving act was similar to an incident that had taken place in New Zealand in May this year when Harman Singh, 22, had used his turban to save the life of a boy who bled from the head after being hit by a car in Auckland.

The turban is one of five articles of faith worn by Sikhs and is regarded as a symbol of strength and honour. Sikhs remove their turbans only in the privacy of their homes as a matter of respect towards it. But when religious is set aside to save the lives of people, the faith in humanity is restored.