Videos Show Some Indians Gathering In Crowds To Clap During Janta Curfew, Twitter Reacts

On 22 March 2020, people from all across India came in solidarity to extend their support to medical professionals and all the other people working during the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. During the Janta curfew, citizens flocked to their windows and balconies at 5 pm to applaud and cheer for these superheroes providing essential services.

And, while many people did so by being under self-isolation, others defied the purpose of the curfew by gathering in huge numbers on the streets, reports News18. In the videos, men, women, children, and senior citizens can be seen clapping and playing drums together in large crowds instead of socially distancing themselves to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

  1. People in Rajasthan took to the streets to beat vessels along with kids:

2. Similar scenes in Mumbai & Punjab:

3. People played Garba together on the streets of Gujarat as part of the cheering:

4. People from Indore waved the Indian flag as they came on the streets in huge numbers:

5. There was a large gathering at the Bengaluru airport too:

6. This defies the purpose of Janta curfew:

Many people were furious as individuals didn’t take the Janta curfew seriously and participated in social-gathering instead of being in isolation:

After such disheartening incidences, PM Modi urged people to take Coronavirus seriously:

Not only did their actions defeat the whole purpose of having a nation-wide curfew, but it also put several people at risk of catching the virus. At times like these, when doctors, nurses and medical staff are putting their lives at risk for us, it is important we stay home to help them win the fight against coronavirus. Stay home, stay safe.