WARNING: If You See Any Of These In Your Kid’s Trick-Or-Treat Bags, THIS Is What It Is



Of all the horror stories that come out of Halloween, the real life ones are the scariest. Some people try to get away with a lot of of sick and twisted stuff on October 31st because the holiday has a lot to do with darker types of subject matter. Add to that the fact that millions of people are out and about wandering the streets and partying in costumes, and it becomes easy to see why criminals love this time of year. It’s easier to get away with evil misdeeds and there is a lot more anonymity built right into the surrounding events. People can hide behind cloaks, makeup, wigs, and masks, and hand out random things that are disguised as well.

The latest Halloween related warning comes from Mississippi’s Jackson Police Department. They posted a photo on their Facebook page of a variety of colorful, fun looking, different shaped ecstasy pills. The pills can easily be mistaken for candy, especially by children, and the department is warning parents to check and look closely at their kid’s candy this Halloween. The ecstasy tablets have images pressed on them that could be appealing and familiar to children. The ones shown have a skull, superhero logo, dice, and thumbs up sign on them, but there are countless other types out there that contain similar-style images. If children ingest these they can easily become sick or die from an overdose. While this particular warning shows the new, more common shapes of ecstasy floating around right now, many other types of pills and medications look just like candy and can be extremely harmful or toxic as well.


While parent’s should always check the candy their children come home with after a night of trick or treating, this warning is a reminder to examine those treats extra closely. You just never know what someone may have slipped into a treat bowl and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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