What’s So Special About This Japanese Girl Called Saya?


Saya has taken the Internet by storm. People around the world have been sharing her photos.

But what is it about her? What’s so special about this Japanese schoolgirl?

japanese girl1

Well, she does look like an average Japanese schoolgirl. But the thing is, she’s not real!

She has actually been created using CGI by husband & wife pair, Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa.

japanese girl2

The Ishikawas started off with the project in their spare time, which made it even more difficult. But they want to improve upon her looks further and make her more life-like.


They said they hope to improve both the skin and hair.

japanese girl3

Saya was created using a series of 3D modelling tools including Maya, which is often used for film effect.

japanese girl4

They want to use her as a character in a self-produced movie, where she will also be provided with an armour.

It will be interesting to see how the film pans out and how captivating her character will be.

japanese girl5