When I Saw Why He Blow Dries A Banana, I Ran To My Kitchen To Try. Brilliant!

How many of you have bought a bunch of bananas, ate a few, then ended up throwing the rest of them away because they turned black and soggy and nasty? It is not that you didn’t want them, it’s that you got too busy or you were the only one in the house eating them, or some other reason. You end up throwing them away and you have to spend more money to buy more bananas. It would be great if you could reverse the deteriorating process and get your bananas back.

Luckily, some person with some ingenuity figured out a way to do it. You need your bananas gone bad, a plastic bag (about gallon sized), and a small box or bag of rice. You also need one blow dryer. Does this sound crazy? It should, but this crazy actually works, at least according to the video above.