Wife Turns Sleeping Husband Into Model To Sell Clothes Online

  • An online seller from the Philippines recently grabbed netizens’ attention after posting her products on Facebook.
  • Since she doesn’t own a mannequin, she used her sleeping husband as her model.
  • The post ended up gaining thousands of reactions and shares on Facebook with many praising her for the creativity and humor.

When it comes to selling stuff online, you got to be creative to attract your target market. Competition can be stiff out there so small online sellers need to up their game and make the most of the limited resources they have.

A woman from the Philippines recently went viral online after using humor to attract buyers. Apparently, she sells clothes but doesn’t have her own mannequin. So she came up with a clever solution!

When you don’t have a mannequin but you gotta hustle…

Jocelyn May Jazareno Caday, who owns and runs Jo’s Online Shoppe, turned to her sleeping husband for help when she needed to take photos of her merchandise. She placed the dresses, skirts, pants, and everything else on top of him and snapped away while he was dozing off.

She eventually uploaded the hilarious images on her Facebook page and wrote “No mannequin? No problem! Effort is the key, sisters!” in the caption.

Much to her surprise, the post eventually went viral on social media, gainig thousands of shares and reactions from netizens everywere. As if that wasn’t enough, several international news sources also picked up the funny story.

Check out the rest of the photos below:


Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but laugh and praise the seller’s “marketing strategy” at the same time. Many also remarked that it looks like the shop has some really nice clothes.

Well, we just hope the viral post leads to more buyers so all the effort will be worth it.