Woman Applies Makeup On Surgical Face Mask, Gets Slammed For Wasting It

Every morning we wake to penguins exploring empty aquariums, pictures showing self-quarantine are the silver linings in these tough times.

Recently, Twitter user @kafafendi shared a video of herself applying foundation, lipstick, etc on a surgical face mask. According to The Independent, the woman from Turkey intended it as a joke that mocks beauty influencers posting makeup tutorials.


While it is true that beauty gurus are still making such tutorials during self-isolation, with one even showing followers how to do it while wearing a mask (as reported by Mail Online), people didn’t think her video was funny at all.

She was slammed for creating unnecessary content that was nothing but a waste of time, energy, makeup and most importantly face masks! Take a look at some of the reactions here.




Watching tutorials on social media is a common past time during quarantine, as is perfecting one’s skills but wasting essentials at a time when they are scarce is highly insensitive, don’t you agree?