Woman Earns $10,000 A Month Selling Pics and Vids Of Her Feet Online

  • When she’s not working as a real estate agent, Desiree Gato sells photos and videos of her feet to online clients.
  • According to her, she makes $10,000 per month doing this via OnlyFans.
  • Her supportive boyfriend is also her photographer.

By profession, Desiree Gato works as a real estate agent. She, however, earns some extra cash by selling pictures and videos of her feet.

According to the 22-year-old woman from Miami, Florida, she earns about $10,000 every month on her unusual side gig. With numerous fans on Instagram, following her racy photos, she eventually created an account on OnlyFans where interested customers can make orders to satisfy their foot fantasies.

In a LadBible feature, Desiree shared:

“One day this guy slid into my DMs ad offered me $300 (£227) for 10 pictures of my feet, with no private parts or my face showing.

“I just couldn’t say no to that. He became a regular. He even referred other men to me who paid me the same, if not more, for similar photos.”

It didn’t take long until she gained more clients, who, she observed, had different personal preferences.

“Some people like to see your pedicure, some like to see the bottom of your feet,” she elaborated. “Some go on Amazon and buy me stockings, or socks they want to see on my feet. Some want your feet and booty showing in the same photo – those are obviously more expensive.”

Desiree further shared that she charges around $25 per photo and $100 per minute for her videos.

“Believe it or not, most of my feet lovers don’t care for nudity. They ask me to put on a thong or some tiny shorts and pose with my feet and booty,” she added.

Her partner, Mike, is also her photographer at the same time.

And while he doesn’t get foot fetishes at all, he gamely does his job.

“He doesn’t understand it, but he doesn’t complain because we go on luxurious vacations with the money. And we’re buying our first home together this year,” said Desiree.