Women Going Braless Tweet Of Sweet Freedom Amid COVID-19 Self-Quarantine

Many of us are currently social distancing or self-quarantining ourselves to help control the coronavirus outbreak. However, not everyone is used to staying indoors for such a long period of time. So, in order to stay busy, individuals have come up with creative things to do while being at home. Like, turning their windows as tennis courts.

And, yet another thing added to this list while working from home is not wearing a bra. Yes, you heard us right. Women are freeing their ta-ta’s during their home isolation. Sounds relatable? Well. if you are a person with breasts, you know the joy of unhooking your bra after a tiring day at work.

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If you’re a woman, we don’t need to tell you the pain of wearing a bra all day. The straps digging into your skin, your breasts being squished in the bra, the horrible underboob sweat, the struggle is real.




Few women were also concerned as to how they will wear a bra after the self-isolation ends:



Honestly, we feel you ladies. Wearing a bra can be exhausting!