You Have Got An Air-Conditioning At Home: It Makes You Eat More Food, Drink Less Water, And Fall Sick

  1. You will eat more

If you find it very hard to function without an air-conditioning at home, in the car, at work, or even on shopping- your body will find it even harder to adjust to the summer temperatures. If you have confused your brain with big changes of the temperature, it will compensate the change in unusual ways. There are higher chances that you wish to grab a salty, fatty or sweet snacks with high calorific value, which you would hardly need to eat when it`s very hot.

air condition1

  1. You will drink less water

In a cooled house you will have less need for fluids, and consequently, you will drink less water and other drinks which stimulate the detoxification of your body. It`s well known that the regular water consumption reduces hunger and also makes your face and body skin look beautiful.

  1. You could fall sick

If you can`t live without air-conditioning, at least be careful with adjusting the temperature. The difference between your outside and inside temperature shouldn`t be higher than 5 degrees.

If your body is exposed to air-conditioning and afterwards you go out on hot asphalt, you might bring yourself to thermal shock which could lead to a cold or even more serious disease.