5 Simple Life Lessons You Can Learn From Rubik’s Cube

When we first saw Rubik’s cube, most of us thought that it is not for us. Our instant reflexes denied any near possibility of thinking that we have the slightest bit of chance in solving it. But, in fact many people are out there, who knows how to solve it and is well aware of the system as a whole.

Through time and strict practice, you’ll realize that though the first impression was quite unpleasant the coming experiences will be bright as those messed up colors in the Rubik’s cube itself. As you grow old, you grow wiser as well, similarly when you’ll get to know the formula you’ll be surprised how those learning are new and can be easily applied to other areas of your life.

Solving a Rubik’s cube is quite similar to growing up, through and with life. So, here are some lessons which appears to be simple but are subtle glimpses to life’s many hurdles.

1. Sometimes, it is not always finishing the Rubik’s Cube.
It is tough to solve which is hard, we will always have too much in our plate but life is too short to regret later. So trust the process and the end result will automatically follow you.

2. Trust your instincts and the process as a whole.
There are many books to guide you, many philosophers to explain why but at the end you should be believing in yourself more than anyone else. Trust your self evaluation and go for it.

3.Follow the steps, which were followed before also.
Creating new rules is not compulsory, maybe the rules that have been already followed and tested and even tried should be your guiding stars. Make sure you are following the process and trusting it too.

4. Stay focused and never loose patience.
There are numerous techniques to do it, some are professional and some not. The key to success is to stay focus and never loosing hope. You should take time for yourself and gradually solve it.

5. Chaos is always easy to be created, so follow an order.
Following the rule is hard but breaking it, is definitely not. The chaos created before should not affect you, it should instead built you to be more strong while solving the regular hardship of life.

So, are you finding it relatable?