Man Dresses As A Bush & Stealthily Steps Outdoors During Quarantine; Watch Video

Neighbours. Love them, hate them but you can’t ignore them. While having fun neighbours makes life interesting, having rude neighbours can surely make you miserable. After all, the person living next door can be your source of entertainment, gossip or a pain in the butt.

Like, a young couple from the UK were left shocked when their neighbour came up with a peculiar idea to break-away from quarantine. Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies, from Hertfordshire, watched on in amazement as their neighbour scurried down the driveway dressed as a bush, reports Daily Mail.

The couple filmed the incident, which shows their neighbour dressed in a leaf-laden disguise from head-to-toe. The man escaped his house during the lockdown by camouflaging with the bushes, reports News18.

Have a look at the man’s bushy disguise:

In the video, the man can be seen attempting to cross the road but gets captured on camera due to the change of background. He even dropped and rolled in order to pull off his cunning disguise. He returned from his outdoor trip with a brown bag towards the end.

While many people laughed at his silly stunt, they were also concerned about safety during the pandemic:

As much as we yearn to go outside, we shouldn’t do so unless it’s for food supplies or an emergency. It is important that we all stay indoors to win the fight against coronavirus.