NY Governor & His Brother Argue About Who Is Mom’s Favourite Son On Live TV


If you ever wish to break your younger sibling’s heart for self-entertainment purposes, tell them you are your parents’ favourite kid. Shortly after, you will find yourself being amidst a war of snarky comments, pillow fights, and if you get lucky, a tearful younger sibling! Because the battle between 2 siblings arising from the infamous question “Who is mum dad’s favourite kid?” is never-ending!

So a battle of snarky comments between two brothers is exactly what the world saw on live television. But what made it quite the entertainment was that the two brothers were the Governor of New York and his younger sibling, a CNN Television Journalist!

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According to a report by NDTV, the NY Governor and his brother engaged in an argument on live television regarding who is their mom’s favourite son in the middle of a discussion on the coronavirus.

Have a look at the video here:

People on the internet are having the laugh of their lives!


No matter how old a person is or how successful one gets in life, sibling wars will remain a constant!