Noida Kids’ Toothpick Hack Lets People Minimize Physical Contact In Elevators Amid COVID-19

The easiest and most effective precaution we can take against the global coronavirus pandemic is the #SafeHandsChallenge i.e cleaning our hands with soap and water to prevent infection. In addition, we can disinfect electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc) and maintain hygiene by washing bed linen and cleaning other surfaces around our homes.

But what about the common areas in our apartment buildings that can be breeding ground for the virus? Students in Noida have stepped up and found a hack for one of those – elevator buttons.

Essentially, they stuck a piece of thermocol with tape near the panel and inserted toothpicks into it. Furthermore, they taped a note with instructions and a small trash bin made out of an old plastic bottle.

This idea lets people avoid touching the buttons and has been replicated in many parts of the world. Here it is in action.

Some people lauded the kids’ resourcefulness while others suggested alternatives like pens, keys, and elbows.

According to Business Standard, the country has banned all international commercial passenger flights for a week as confirmed cases rise to 173 with the 4th COVID-19 related death being reported by the Health Ministry.

We urge everyone to stay indoors and practice social distancing to contain the outbreak. Stay alert, stay safe.